Ready-to-use Quickset Concrete

Tarmac Quickset Concrete is a premixed, quick-setting concrete manufactured from cement, specially selected sand and admixtures. When sprinkled with water it sets in approximately 30 minutes.


  1. Premixed

    Tarmac Quickset Concrete is premixed and ready to use, and only requires the addition of clean water.

  2. Speed

    Sets in approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Quality

    This product is manufactured to a third party accredited BS EN 9001 Quality Management System.


  • Repairing Sills / Thresholds
  • Repair of paths
  • Repair of steps

Technical information

Further information or advice on quick set concrete or any of our Tarmac cements products can be obtained by contacting one of our team.  

Packaging - Large weather proof, tear resistant bag.  

  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Carbon Trust Standard

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