CEM II/A-L (or LL) 32,5R Portland Limestone Cement

Supplied in weather resistant plastic packaging, Mastercrete is an enhanced Portland- limestone cement conforming fully to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/A-L (or LL) 32,5R. 


  1. Resistance

    Enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack.
  2. Water demand

    A lower water demand
  3. Cohesive mix

    A more cohesive mix
  4. Less water bleed

    Less tendency for water to segregate and bleed


  • Concreting
  • Mortar Jointing & Repointing
  • Rendering
  • Floor Screeds
  • Repairing Render/ Screeds

Technical information

Consistent strength meeting all the conformity criteria in BS EN 197-1.

Contains cement quality improver to give the following benefits compared with ordinary Portland cement: lower water demand, more cohesive mix, less tendency for water to segregate and bleed and enhanced resistance of hardened concrete or mortar to freeze/thaw attack.

Mastercrete entrains a controlled quantity of air and the addition of admixture of the air-entraining type is unnecessary and not recommended for concrete. In mortar and rendering, the addition of proprietary air-entraining mortar plasticiser is either unnecessary or the manufacturer’s recommended dosage significantly reduced dependant upon the sand used. Other proprietary admixtures of the non air-entraining type and pigments are compatible with Mastercrete. Trial mixes are recommended to determine optimum mix proportions.

Packaging - Available in 10 and 25 kg weather proof, tear resistant plastic bags.  

  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Carbon Trust Standard

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