Limelite Natural Hydraulic Lime

A range of packed Natural Hydraulic Limes conforming to BS EN 459-1

Tarmac Limelite is a range of Natural Hydraulic Limes conforming to EN 459-1. We offer the following products:

Limelite NHL 3,5: A moderately hydraulic lime suitable for general-purpose use for mortar/pointing/rendering of most masonry types

Limelite NHL 5: An eminently hydraulic lime suitable for use in masonry pointing, capping, foundations, seal defences and new build construction

Our products contain no additives, mineral additions or Portland cement and are quality assured to EN 459-1: Natural Hydraulic Limes with independent third-party certification. They also carry a CE Mark.


  • Mortar Jointing and Pointing
  • Rendering

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