Ultipatch Pothole is a HAPAS and BBA approved product for use in carriageways and cycle tracks.

Ultipatch Pothole consists of a combination of selected aggregates and a special binder liquid based upon penetration bitumens, resins, adhesives and other additives. The aggregates used are granite or basalt with a polished stone value (PSV) conforming to U.K. Highways Specifications.

Ultipatch Pothole will repair potholes, cracks and broken areas of any shape or size, up to depths of 100mm, in macadams / asphalt without the need for cutting out and can be applied in any weather condition at temperatures from -45°C to + 60°C.

The product is applied cold and heavy and continuous traffic may cross repairs immediately without any damage to reinstatement area. Ultipatch Pothole is not subject to shrinkage or aggregate separation.

Ultipatch Pothole


  1. HAPAS approved

  2. Instantly trafficable

  3. Can be applied in all weather conditions

  4. Suitable for planned and reactive repairs

  5. 25kg Resealable tub

  6. Also available in bags

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